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When this boat came in it had been exposed to the weather for several years. The weathered beyond polishing,. The metal flake gel-cote just looked like faded light blue paint. The carpets had rotted along with some of the floorboards. 

After the East Tex "magic touch", the boat (and trailer) look like they just rolled off the showroom floor. The metal flake doesn't just look sprayed on, it looks like it's almost an inch deep. Carpets fit like a glove, floors are solid and everything sparkles like a brand new penny.




A "hard encounter of some kind" caused damage to the gunnel, deck and rub rail on this boat. Fortunately, there was no internal damage. 

A short time later, after some fiberglass repair, finishing, rub rail replacement and a courtesy detailing, the boat looks brand new.



Being over 20 years old, parts are hard to find and the years of mounting "extra" equipment and later removing it had left small holes everywhere. After four or five years of neglect and the aft end being partially submerged it was time for a good cleaning and general Repair and Replace. Most of the upholstery was stained and/or rotted, the fiberglass through out the boat looked like chalk. Teak wood trim had turned slate grey. 

The  refurbishment included filling the multitude of mounting holes, cleaning, resurfacing and buffing out all of the fiberglass in the boat. The boat was rewired, given a custom instrument panel with new instruments and new decals and trim.

She is our personal boat and you're welcome to come look at her any time (unless she's gone to the coast fishing).

MAKO 232

MAKO 232