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CLOSE ENCOUNTER (a little too close)

This trailer unit brushed against an unseen low post that popped the corner of the end cap, damaged the tail lights and damaged the side skirt.

The East Tex "magic touch" rebuilt the damaged end cap, repaired/replaced the other damaged parts and the right-hand side of the picture shows the unit looking like it is rolling off the showroom floor.



It's happened to all of us but this is one of the extreme cases. Going over a railroad track, the rear bumper came in contact with the ground and popped the rear cap nearly all the way off of the unit. (upper left)

After removal of the damaged end cap, further internal damage was exposed. (lower left)

(Right side) New end cap installed and buffed out, decals and roof ladder ready for installation.


WINNEBAGO "VECTRA" Motorhome - Class A

This mid-1990's motorhome got a little too close to something with the left rear and heavily damaged the fiberglass corner trim. At over 20 years old, body parts are almost impossible to find, so we rebuilt the damaged one.

After removing the crushed and mangled area of the old part we made a mirror image form from the right side and replaced the damaged area on the left side. Sand it, surface it, gel-coat it and it's just like new.

Unfortunately, our "cub" photographer (one of the shop hands) took the "finished" photo. Not sure if he was looking through a palm leaf into the shop light or what.